“A Complete Guide to What Every Single Dress Code Means”

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Dressing up is fun, but following a dress code can become hard sometimes. Picking up the perfect ensemble can be tiring if it’s not something you are ready for, that’s where we come to the rescue.

It would be best if you had a guide for what any dress code means, which can range from either professional wear or office wear for women to women’s festive dresses or even a cocktail dress code.


The right pair of black blazers are the best fit for any formal event, and an essential black blazer in your wardrobe can make professional wear for women easy and can be styled with different colours and elements to make your outfit, and you look sleek.

Professional wear for women is an easy choice until it becomes a mandate and you do not want to mess a dress code that is as simple as a business formal, because as a workwoman, formal wear is more of an essential than a dress code itself and the chances of you messing this dress code should be null.


Most corporate offices, these days, call for a dress code that is business casual, because of their work culture, for this type of dress code, spicing up your top or blouse can be exactly the right choice for professional wear for women, especially when the dress code is business casual. Office wear for women should generally have options for a skirt or pants but avoid wearing jeans or other informal trousers at all cost. Don’t forget to add formal shoes or heels with your professional wear to complete the look.


Festive as a dress code is very convenient and popular in Indian culture. Generally, people tend to get excited about doing this right to capture the right kind of clicks in their festive dresses. The festive dressing is so inbuilt in our systems that as Indians we can never go wrong in this particular type of dress code, but there can still be a cycle gap for some unconscious mistakes while wearing festive dresses for women. Some of the simpler but noticeable ones may include adding heavy accessories to a heavy festive dress. Avoid that religiously. The same goes vice versa. Try to keep either your festive dress minimal and dazzle it up with chunky jewellery or keep the festive dress vibrant and the jewellery minimal. Personally, we are fans of the latter.


Cocktail dresses for women are generally associated with party-ready dresses. It can be themed into multi variations according to the theme of the party. But there are times you are in doubt about the cocktail party’s subtheme; then a black cocktail dress can always come in handy. One outfit can never go wrong but doesn’t forget to accessorize proportionately according to your look. Pair your cocktail dress with that gorgeous pair of heels, sunken deep inside your wardrobe.


A casual outfit is something that we wear generally, but it calls for a slightly dressier version of casual wear when it comes to casual formal. For example, an ikkat dress is casual yet elegant at the same time., which will go well with a rather chill vibe. Apart from that, adding layers to your everyday style, pairing your outfit with accessories and heels can make your dress perfect for a casual dressy theme. We have in-store ikat dresses, shrugs, and jackets specially curated for a casual dressy dress code, bringing in the ikkat flare to the dresses.


Bound by time or whatever has happened the past year, a dress code that has emerged recently is work from home dresses as the dress code. In working women, women have been continuously attending virtual meetings, and that definitely calls for a particular kind of work from the home look and gradually became a trend. The essence of wearing a “Work from Home” dress is not overdoing the formal and not overdoing your home wear dress. It should be a balance between both the worlds that’s office and work.

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