Brand Values

Sustainable work-appropriate-apparel
We believe in slow fashion. Every garment is manufactured with care, something that you will treasure. Right from paying fair wages & providing a pleasant workspace to our employees to procuring fabrics directly from the weavers, we attempt to bring in sustainability in every phase from production to purchase. Our products are high quality, timeless pieces made of natural fibres that are comfortable, easy to wear & kind to our Mother Earth.
Brand Value
Brand Value
Customers first
Customers are our guiding light. We work by understanding the customer needs which are then translated into design. We believe in inclusivity. Every woman looking for work-appropriate clothing should be able to find something from our collections. We keep our ears to the ground to listen to our customers’ requirements; extending our sizes to 3XL in 2019 was one small step in this direction. In 2020, we are introducing customization. You can select any design from our website, fill in your measurements and get your desired size delivered to your doorstep.
Reducing waste
We aim to be a zero waste organization and we have commenced that journey. We utilize the fabric waste during production to make ensemble add-ons like scrunchies and headbands along with lifestyle knick-knacks such as bottle warmers, stationery kits and coin bags. This way, we are able to use almost 70% of the fabric scraps. We are working to recycle the remaining 30% effectively in the near future. You will definitely get to be a part of this journey with us.
brand value
Brand Value
Giving back to society
We also believe that growth should be inclusive. As we rise, we want the society to progress with us. 90% of our employees are women who provide valuable support to their families. With this financial power, they start sending their kids to schools, invest in them, and contribute towards a better future for India. We also support organisations that work with underprivileged women, providing them with shelter, food, education and community.

Every time you invest in The August Co. clothing, you become a part of this change.