Embrace the Month of Love in the shades of The August Co.

If there’s a colour that truly resonates with Love, it is undoubtedly the colour Red. It has historical significance from the context of Greeks & Hebrews, who considered Red to be the symbol of Love and from a sensorial point of view, with its strikingly powerful appeal. Regardless of whether you are having a candle light dinner with your special someone or planning on an outing with your girlfriends, red is the colour you want to be seen in.

Red Rayon Shift Dress:


The Red Rayon Shift dress is the very definition of sartorial elegance. When combined with the Grey Ikat Jacket, it accentuates your look like none other. It adds a hint of sophistry to your look with its muted shades, simple silhouette and the Ikat fabric. 

Alexis Maroon Bamboo/Organic Cotton T-shirt

Now, what shall we say about this? Stylish? Comfortable? Eco-friendly? Yes, yes and yes. Our Organic Cotton T-shirt is designed with roll-up sleeves, crew neck and a round hem. Pair it with blue or black jeans of your choice, shorts or a skirt and voila! You’re ready to go out. This takes up very little of your time and is sure to make your special someone think twice before looking away from you. It’s sustainable, breathable and easy to wear, just like every clothing should be. 

Scarlett Red V-Neck Front Open Dress

Our Scarlett Red V-Neck Front Open Dress is specifically designed to bring out the Indian curves. This exquisite shirtdress goes along with any accessories that you pick out and blends well when you wear this for lunch or dinner. The uniqueness of this lies in the gracefully designed elastic waistline and the starkness of the scarlet red colour, truly making it an irresistible pick.

Maya Red Maxi With Side Slit Buttons

This is the perfect dress for the romantic night that you’ve been longing for. The Maya Red Maxi dress comes with high side slits and coconut-shell buttons. It is classy, sleeveless and it comes with draw strings around your waist that helps you stay comfortable. Pair it up with our block print Ikat jackets, slide on your heels, and you’ll know who’s donning the best look in the room for the night.

Samaya Red Hi Low Tunic 

If you’d ask us what’s the best dress in our collection for all body types, then this is our answer. The Hi Low Tunic from our collection is our casual fit cotton cloth tunic. This dress is refined and chic and accompanies side pockets. The inflatable sleeves add to the sheer grace of this dress and colour adds to the beauty of it all. 


Inaya Red A-line Dress

In line with the same colour as above, this earthy-red cotton-linen dress is simple, yet glamorous. You can wear statement accessories such as bracelets and junk jewellery to compliment the look. It’s easy, breezy and is the perfect dress for an art gallery date. 

Aaral Red Wrap Top

One from our classy collection, Aaral is our interpretation of the wrap top. Our designers have dealt with this to guarantee that it is slip-proof and sits easily on the neck. The organic cotton used makes the dress feel absolutely light. You can wear minimal embellishments to set off the already striking getup.

We believe that, here you are bound to find the perfect dress for every type of date and this is just a small set that we brought forth that commemorates red, the colour of love. This month of love, we hope you fill your hearts with love and your wardrobe with sustainable clothing. 

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