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Festivals are an integral part of an Indian Lifestyle and buying Ethnic clothes, become a part of the festive rituals. Although times are different and celebrations are restricted, the ethnic fashion trend doesn’t need to stop. Our clothes match the vibe we create around us and these strange times have shown us the power of simplicity and reasons to keep it minimal. Considering the current scenario, we have curated moderate fashion that will suit your present requirements and style.

Presenting to you, the festive look Book by The August Co.

Lea Linen by the August Co. is an unstained beauty, appropriate for indoor and outdoor fashion and climate. The main catch of this straight-line Linen set is, it can blend with any accessory and create a niche look, without putting much effort into the look itself. The best way to style your Lea Linen would be to pair it with traditional ancestral jewelry or trendy junk jewelry that will incorporate elegance to the look.

The Adah Pink Dress by the August Co. is the perfect blend of fusion fashion and minimalism. The dress in itself gives you a specific portrayal of grace and the Grey Ikat Shrug, brings in the ethnicity touch, making it suitable wear for the modern ethnic women out there. The look in itself is very modern, so the best way to style this pair is to mix and match traditional jewelry with pumps or pointed heels that make the look sassy and traditional at the same time.

The Zarna Hi- Slit Kurta by The August Co. is the perfect blend of old school traditional attire with present generation needs.  The Hi- Slit Kurta defines your beautiful curves in a very sophisticated way and the deep green Culottes complete the festive look. This look screams ethnicity and its sober colors can be styled with a complete traditional look including traditional hair, makeup, jewelry, and shoes, to give your modern vibe a traditional touch.

Red Innaya by The August Co. shows the true spirit of festivity through its bold colors. This Scarlet beauty is an easy-breezy festive fashion at its best. This piece in itself creates a vibrant aura and is the right canvas to showcase beautiful ethnic jewelry. These are some of our favorite picks, for this festive season. Take a look at our Festive Edit and pick a style that matches your taste, with the wide range of Moderate Fashion by The August Co.


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