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The Linen Touch

The Prelude

Eons ago, Linen was the fabric that draped monarchs and knights; as it was only available to the creme de le creme of the society. Years later, it is now a fabric that belongs to the masses, yet maintains the status of sartorial elegance. There is nothing as timeless and ethereally graceful as Linen. Once used as an equivalent of currency, it is no surprise that this fabric resonates with luxury.

How is Linen made and is it better than cotton?

It is sustainable as it is made of flax, a plant that grows all over the world. Created from fibers that naturally grow as part of the plant, the fibers are degraded from the plant through a process called “retting”. Then the woody portion of the stalks is crushed through a process called “scutching”.  These fibers are then combed or “heckled” and then spun into yarns which are woven to create the natural fabric we all devour. This natural and zero-wastage manner of production is what renders this fabric eco-friendly in comparison with cotton.

Is Linen a good fabric and better than cotton?

Linen is considered to be one of the world’s strongest natural fibers, making it extremely durable. Often deemed as “expensive” in comparison with cotton, it is not only because it is stronger than cotton but also due to the production cost involved. Although cotton is also a natural fabric, it is not as eco-friendly as linen as it consumes a lot of water and pesticides in its production phase. 

Is Linen hot to wear?

Another reason why linen is loved is for its breathable quality, as the fiber is hollow allowing air to circulate. Its dual nature lies in how it keeps you cool during summers with the natural properties of flax fiber and whereas during winters, its porous nature retains heat from your body keeping you warm and cozy. 

Why are Linen clothes so expensive?

Harvesting flax is indeed a laborious and time-consuming process and weaving it into linen fabric is an art in itself as these fibers are extremely delicate and need to be handled with extreme care.  So as you can sense, from harvest to home, the fully-furnished linen was once an expensive fibre, an expensive yarn, expensive fabric, and therefore expensive clothing. But the pricing of linen takes a backseat when the timeline of the fabric comes into consideration as it lasts a lifetime. 

What is the Linen must-have?

When it comes to linen, the one wardrobe staple everyone must have is a linen shirt. A true investment piece, wearing a linen shirt single-handedly gives an effortless yet opulent look. Versatile in its appeal, you can sport a linen shirt to an interview or even to a beach, based on how you style it, making it an indelible part of your closet.

Are Linen shirts better than cotton?

When we say Linen is timeless, we truly mean it. Cotton shirts lose that soft touch with time whereas linen becomes softer with every wash. Thus, improving its quality with age. 

There are two types of Linen shirts you must invest in. One is the classic and immaculate White Shirt which can be styled with minimal rose-gold jewelry for a charming appeal. 

And the other one you must own is a linen shirt in a pastel shade. The natural fibers of linen retain dyes better than other fabrics, which makes it easier to recreate them in different colors.  

Breathable, durable and sustainable, we can concur that linen is a fabric that must grace your wardrobe with its timeless presence and its many shades. 

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