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The Official Dos and Don’ts of Cocktail Attire for Women.

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When we hear about a Cocktail Party, the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is, of course, the Cocktail, and the second thing that subconsciously comes to mind is,” What’s the cocktail attire”?

To choose the right Cocktail attire for the right kind of cocktail party is a struggle. Neither do you want to overdo it with your cocktail wear, nor you want to under-do it. To strike the perfect balance between the right kind of Cocktail attire theme and Cocktail party outfit is only achieved after one follows the official do’s and don’ts of Cocktail attire for women.

Do’s of a cocktail party outfit:

1. Shimmer works best for Cocktail’s attire.
A cocktail party wear is a tricky choice, but whatever be the occasion, shimmer can never go wrong as a cocktail party wear. In itself, an occasion of a cocktail party calls for a shimmery sophisticated outfit that is elegant yet bringing in the right kind of party vibe to any cocktail party wear.

2.’Pump up’ your Cocktail’s attire.
A Cocktail attire’s best friend is a pair of slender heels and pumps which define your body and posture. While you are in your cocktail party outfit, Jazz up those shimmery Cocktail wears with shimmery pumps that lift your poise and bring sparkle to your Cocktail’s attire. You can always opt for heels or pumps that match your Cocktail party wear, or you can opt for a contrast fit that goes well with your cocktail attire’s mood.

3. ‘The black cocktail attire.’
Black is a colour that never goes wrong for party wear, and the same goes for cocktail party wear dresses as well. A shimmery black dress that fits your beautiful curves is a perfect and clean choice for a cocktail party wear. Medium slits and a designer neck or any other extraordinary design is enough to give you the best kind of Cocktail party wear dresses.

4. Experiment with the sleeves of the Cocktail attire.
As much as shimmer works well for your cocktail attire, experimenting with your sleeves can do similar wonders. The world of fashion brings in a new era of sleeves every year or century, leaving us with numerous options to experiment with our cocktail attire. Among our favourite recommendations for an extraordinary sleeve style is the bishop sleeves wins. It brings out any cocktail outfit’s glamour, whether it is a formal cocktail outfit or a fancy cocktail party outfit.

5. Accessorize your cocktail wear.
The right styling of a Cocktail’s attire matters a lot; neither can you overdo it with your accessories nor underdo it. Different cocktail attires requires different types of accessories. One wrong accessory can make your outfit devastating. So, when wearing formal cocktail dresses, make sure to keep minimum jewellery on the neck or ears and put on that nude shade of lipstick. When wearing a semi-formal cocktail dress, you can increase the intensity of the accessories. While wearing cocktail party wear dresses, you can play around with your accessories, but make sure to add that touch of elegance to the outfit.

Don’ts of a cocktail party outfit:

1. Avoid a deeper neckline for formal cocktail dresses.                                                                                                                                                   Cocktail outfits are a great symbol of beauty and persona, but the very crucial stage of the cocktail attire is that sorting it out with the dress code goes for choosing the right cocktail attire for a formal party. Try to manage an elegant, not very short cocktail formal dress, avoid a very deep neckline for a formal cocktail dress and accessorize minimally for that chic look.

2. Don’t be afraid to clarify the dress code.
A cocktail party is all about the theme and interactions, so don’t be afraid to ask the host about the theme of the Cocktail’s attire. So, make sure to style your cocktail party wear according to the theme of the cocktail party.

3. Don’t forget to polish your hair and makeup.
Hair and makeup can change your whole personality and sharpen your look in any outfit. The same goes for a Cocktail party wear dresses or attire. A clean and neat do of hair and dress wise makeup can enhance your outfit’s look by three folds, so don’t slack there and glam up!

These are our recommendations for do’s and don’ts for a cocktail party attire; what’s your personal favourite?

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