Thoughtful Garments

Garment design
We are a by women, for women company. As women, we understand the needs and we translate that to our designs. All our products are functional, comfortable, easy-to-wear and above all easy-to-maintain while being sustainable. We go that extra mile to ensure that our garments are all non-transparent. If that means we need to use 2 layers of that fabric, so be it!
Brand Value
Functional pockets
We love pockets, and we know so do you! All our dresses, trousers, coord-sets, outerwear have big, functional pockets so you can carry your big screen 6” phones with ease. Our trousers have 2 front pockets and 2 back pockets, each of which is big enough for your phones. 
Solving the button gaping
We know you hate it when there’s a peeking gap between the buttons in your shirts! We have researched this extensively and are here to solve the problem. The August Co. shirts will not have that gaping issue, we assure you!
Brand Value
Right from the fabrics to threads, trims, accessories, we use the best possible materials to make your garments. Our team selects only soft, breathable fabrics. All our garments will have French seams instead of the mass-produced overlocks that taken one-fourth the time of a French seam. We go that extra mile, put in that extra effort and make it with love while keeping it pocket-friendly, and we assure you that you will feel the difference. 
Our garments have that little seal of love that our team puts into making them. Could be a little embroidery on the cuff, or the way we thread the button in a different pattern, could be a little patch on your placket or some detailing in the inside hem, we always try to elevate your garment.