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‘Tis the season for a Holiday!

Alina Black Raglan Sleeve Warm Dress front view

Given the year and circumstances, it’s time to slowly get out for a short holiday and put on your best holiday dresses.

5 Holiday ideas, that will help you, de-stress this holiday season.

Brooke Black Twill Bomber Jacket is the best outfit for the holiday party, to add to the comfort quotient adding swag to a timeless style.

  1.     Host a house party.

The best way to stay at home and enjoy the long-awaited break with your friends and loved ones is to throw a house party or a gala and enjoy that chilled bottle of wine you have been longing to open. The perfect holiday house party calls for the best holiday dresses to go with the aura of the bling, some music, and all those group games you have collected for years. Let’s help you with the best dresses for the holiday party.

Ruby Maroon Warm Dress is the best dress for a holiday house party, as it ties elegance with comfort and warmth to the occasion.

Freya Grey Herringbone Wool Wrap Coat is the best outfit for the weather that will go well with any holiday formal dress, giving your look a formal touch yet contributing to your Holiday party vibe.


We all are missing out on all the office chit-chat, after-office hangouts and colleague banters. A semi-formal party is exactly what you need to restart the age-old charm of office banters, of course with all the precautions in place. A get-together after a long wait calls for styling up yourself with the best holiday formal dress. Here’s some inspiration before you set out to decide what your next holiday formal dress style should be.

Tabitha Shawl Lapel Wool Coat is another piece of art that will go best with the holiday- formal dress vibe for your occasion. This can pair up with any of your holiday formal dresses and beat off the chilly weather outside.

Betty Grey Pullover is the best holiday dress for winter getaways as it will keep you warm and bring in the best style quotient.


Need a break from the city noise and all the accumulated extra hours of work pressure? This holiday season, it’s time to go on that long-awaited trip you had planned ages ago. Take a short trip to beautiful destinations near your city. For those located in Bangalore, some of the best getaway places around here are Coorg, Kodaikanal, and Ooty, etc. Similarly, there are many places to take a weekend break wherever you are located. Now, before you decide upon the place you’ll visit, pack that suitcase with the best holiday dresses you can and set sail!

Valeria Black Dolman sleeve warm dress is the perfect holiday dress for the weekend getaway, as it elicits the beauty of the bold colour black.

Scarlett Red V-neck front open dress is one of the best dresses for the holiday party, as well as a perfect date.


Make this holiday special for that special someone! Stir the romance in your life with an indoor date night or a small holiday getaway. Look stunning, ‘clean-up’ and ‘dress-up’ to make the date super special. Do things that are not generally classified as a date, like going hiking together or taking a trek. A perfect date calls for a perfect look. All you need are the best holiday dresses that you can choose from, to make your date count.

Trixie Olive Parka Dress combines the appeal of an outdoor look with stark elegance. It is indeed one of the best holiday dresses, adding to the excitement of your date.

Hailey Grey Warm Pullover Dress is one of our favorite picks from our collection of dresses for the holiday party, it is from our later collection – The Warm Edit. This holiday dress gives you the perfect relaxed fit yet keeps you warm, in an outdoor as well as an indoor gathering.


Are you not much of a planner but make for an excellent guest? If you want it easy, no need to throw a party, all you do is attend one. A Party can be of any kind, but the best Holiday Party calls for the best holiday dresses. Let’s help you find some of the best dresses for holiday parties.

Alina Black Raglan Sleeve Warm Dress is a beautiful piece from The Warm Edit, as it is one of the best dresses for the holiday party, whether you are hosting one or attending one.

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