The August Co. was instated to solve a need. I worked in the corporate world of data analytics for almost 5 years, during which I worked with clients from different industries in the US, UK and Singapore. As a result of my job, I used to travel for almost a month every quarter for client meetings and business reviews. For all these meetings, I never could find anything from the existing brands that could fit me being 5’8”! This need coupled with my inherent interest in fashion pushed me to launch The August Co.

At The August Co., we believe in the power of women. We are truly a by women, for women brand; 90% of our staff (including our production staff) are women, a fact that I am so proud of. With our production team sitting right besides, we come across a myriad of experiences every day. On Saturdays, we see little kids of our women tailors coming to the office after their school and completing their homework or even helping their moms! Every time I see those little eyes sparkle, I see hope. When you help women, you help bring a change in the society; you give them self-confidence, you empower them – and that is truly what The August Co. is all about.

We all evolve with time, and so has this brand. The need of the hour is for all of us to be environmentally conscious. We need to be mindful of our consumption and we have embarked on the journey to imbibe sustainability. Our garments are thoughtful – right from the fabrics to design. My team and I personally try out all the samples before we take them further for production. As women, we understand what we need from our clothes, and we design them just right for you! We talk to our customers and love hearing from them. Please feel free to write to me at I welcome all feedback and criticism.  

We love to build and be a part of a community. Right from trying to source the fabrics directly from the weavers to being a part of this entrepreneurial community. We believe that entrepreneurs should share knowledge and support one another. Let’s build each other, let’s build a better future for India!

Finally, I believe that resources belong to society and we must give back. Every time you buy The August Co. product, you help us help underprivileged girls. This is not something that we actively advertise, but definitely something that defines our core.

Buy local. 

– Vidhi Singhal